Un concept à creuser pour les couples à distance: le F+R HUGS promet de transmettre les calins par cellulaire:

F+R Hugs is a wearable system that allows to feel the physical closeness of a distant loved one, bringing the pleasant sensation of a hug to body and mind. Is designed to satisfy a desire shared by many people: communicate emotions to distant people we love in a tangible way.
Functionallity and use of design:
The F+R Hugs system works through a mobile phone network. F+R Hugs shirts receive the input of heart beat, touch and body temperature of the remote loved one, and output it, recreating (through actuators embedded in the shirt) the pulsation, physical pressure, and warmth of a real hug.

Bon, c’est evidemment pas le seul gugu qui promet des sensations télématique, mais c’est le moins sordide que j’aie vu. Ce qui ne veut pas dire que ce soit à point…

[via Engadget we make money not art]