Lessig writes about the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (trailer), noting how it builds on caracters from works now in the public domain.

If it is indeed as original as the press material says, it might be a good example on how people (other than Disney) can make movies from material in the public domain, and how and why the fact that there is a public domain in the first place is a good thing.

Or maybe everyone knows that but no one wants to explain to their shareholders why the stuff they created is ending up in a competitor’s movie? Is it just a “not in my portfolio” mentality? Build on the culture, but make sure your work does not end up “stolen”? Is it a trademark-like mentality where you want to create something popular and strong, but not so much as to have it become a generic cultural icon?

This movie is also quite different in another way: it’s soundtrack will be available only on the iTunes Music store.

Quite a statement. Hostile distribution channel? Marketing decision? Affinity for niche markets? Trial balloon? Rational and smart move?

I like Jack Miller’s take on that decision.