Misc ILaw stuff

First, Donna is leaving the Berkman center to be an EFF Webwriter/Activist.

I wish you the best and I will certainly keep an eye on your career. Ever since I susbcribed to the Filter, later with Copyfight, and finally with ILaw, I have been impressed by the quality of your work.

Lisa has posted the first videos she took at Ilaw. So far, it’s Lessig and Zittrain on Porn and Jurisdiction.

Frank has posted a great ILaw wrap up that tracks most (all?) of what has been written about the conference.


J’ai modifié la façon dont le logiciel qui fait rouler mon weblog gère les caractères accentués (et les idéogrammes…).

Plusieurs bon côtés, mais quelques points négatifs, comme une bonne quantité de travail semi-manuel pour re-encoder les entrées existantes, et j’ai sûrement oublié des trucs dans ce processus assez improvisé. La nécessité est mère de l’invention mais pas nécessairement de la méthode et de l’élégance!

Si vous avez des problèmes d’accents ou si vous voyez des commentaires ou des entrées où les accents sont incorrects, postez donc un commentaire que je regarde ça.


Visiting Quebec

Oh this is good:

Maciej Ceglowski visited Québec and has a few nice things to say. I shouldnt but I sometimes need people to remind me how f**king big our country and province are. My favorite part:

And just like that, Canada has secretly trained you to be an Ugly American. When you finally do visit a real foreign contry, you’ll find yourself acting like a complete fool, yelling in English and waving fistfuls of dollars at some uncomprehending store clerk, while some doe-eyed backpacker with a maple leaf patch snickers at you and picks up all the hot local chicks.

He also compares Chicoutimi to a French-Canadian Chongqing, it’s funny, but seriously, comparing the Saguenay with the Yangtze is odd.

Which made me think that I quickly learned 我不是美国人, 我是加拿大人 myself.

[update: yeah… You kinda have to use unicode to see the caracters there…. Is there a way to encore them differently? Or inform a browser that I’m using that encoding? Modified MT config to use Unicode when publishing pages. I’m curious of the consequences, but it works so far for me. My RSS 2 feed does not display properly in NetNewsWire though. Fixed. Referring to myself as a country: fixed.]

Seat Guru

I went googling (while playing with my return-top toy) for a ressource evaluating seats in various airplanes from different compagnies.
I’ve found SeatGuru.

It is nice (and probably saved me some problems) but I know I’ve seen a more extensive resource before. Anyone knows that I’m talking about?


Lessig writes about the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (trailer), noting how it builds on caracters from works now in the public domain.

If it is indeed as original as the press material says, it might be a good example on how people (other than Disney) can make movies from material in the public domain, and how and why the fact that there is a public domain in the first place is a good thing.

Or maybe everyone knows that but no one wants to explain to their shareholders why the stuff they created is ending up in a competitor’s movie? Is it just a “not in my portfolio” mentality? Build on the culture, but make sure your work does not end up “stolen”? Is it a trademark-like mentality where you want to create something popular and strong, but not so much as to have it become a generic cultural icon?

This movie is also quite different in another way: it’s soundtrack will be available only on the iTunes Music store.

Quite a statement. Hostile distribution channel? Marketing decision? Affinity for niche markets? Trial balloon? Rational and smart move?

I like Jack Miller’s take on that decision.

An Open Letter to WIPO

Text of a
(pdf) sent to Dr. Kamil Idris, Director General of WIPO.

Dear Dr. Idris:
In recent years there has been an explosion of open and collaborative projects to create public goods. These projects are extremely important, and they raise profound questions regarding appropriate intellectual property policies. They also provide evidence that one can achieve a high level of innovation in some areas of the modern economy without intellectual property protection, and indeed excessive, unbalanced, or poorly designed intellectual property protections may be counter-productive. We ask that the World Intellectual Property Organization convene a meeting in calendar year 2004 to examine these new open collaborative development models, and to discuss their relevance for public policy.

Broad enough to get general support and, although one could argue that more meeting scheduling is not something to hope for, or that this could also have been folded nicely into the WSIS, I do agree that it would be nice to get a declaration that IPRs are not the be-all end-all of development, progress and equity.

appendix to the letter lists seven areas where innovation can occur
without intellectual property protection or even where IP protection
hampers innovation.

Amongst the signatories are three of the faculty members present at ILaw, Yochai Benkler, Larry Lessig and Jonathan Zittrain, and many other notables.

[Emerging TechnologiesOpen
Access News

ILaw pictures

I didn’t have a digital camera myself but Frank captured the star of the Thursday night show.

Of course, I end up with a beer in my hands… Classic, or maybe just a statistical probability.

A poilz

Il y a quelque chose d’intéressant dans la façon dont la société aborde la nudité.

On se souvient des projets de photos de foules nues qui explorent cette dimension.

Il y a aussi ce projet qui aborde directement la question.

Bref, ma réflexion personnelle est causée par une amie qui apprécie la chose et me fait continuellement découvrir des sites ma foi forts jolis.

Pas mal plus sain que Porn Star Academie. Quoique nos producteurs de reality-shows devraient peut-etre regarder ce qui se fait aux US côté produits dérivés.

(liens pouvant faire sourciller certains lecteurs)

Ze MEC lover’s cell phone

Nokia 5100

Mêmes dimensions physiques que mon 8390, mais avec écran couleur, boîtier en caoutchouc mou, radio FM, lampe de poche qui dure 8 heures sur une charge, compte-calories, thermomètre et jauge de niveau sonore ambiant, sonneries MIDI, applets Java…le tout “pitchable” sur un mur (solide, quoi).

Il ne manque que Bluetooth pour en faire le joujou idéal!

Disponible chez Fido d’une semaine à l’autre.

Seek va l’aimer, celui-là…

The chickens

The chickens are dead. Get over it.

Larry Lessig

Well that’s it. It was definitely worth the trip. Thanks to everyone, presenters and participants.

Still alive

I feel like I’m trying to drink from a fire hose. I’m hearing the conference and I’m trying to keep up with all the reports.

David Hornik has his account on VentureBlog.

John Palfrey has notes about the last two days.

Frank Fields is still at it, with a mention of last night.

Donna Wentworth is still the official blogging reference, and she has nice notes on Copyfight by James Grimmelmann on yesterday’s session.

I’m not blogging much, but I’m enjoying the show.

So much coverage

Jim Flowers is writing about the conference too (the usual suspects are still hammering away).

Lisa Rein is videotaping everything (watch for a lot of me as Lessig sits on my desk when the footage is made available), and so are the ILaw people.

It’s really worth being here because the show is excellent, but with all the notes from the bloggers, I can’t help to wonder if a motivated individual could not get most the the instructional value of the conference through those reports without actually bothering to register to come here.

I guess it’s an old question that was assessed by everyone who puts courseware online.