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« One recalls with some amusement former Quebec premier Jacques Parizeau’s wish in keeping Vidéotron from the clutches of one-time suitor Ted Rogers of Toronto because of the need for Quebec to preserve « the character and identity of culture in the marketplace. »

A recent manifestation of that goal is Ma Maison Rona , a popular TVA home renovation show that takes the name of the big Quebec hardware chain — harking back to a primitive era when the highest-rated shows on the small screen bore names like Hallmark and Kraft. How soon will Rogers respond with My Home Depot House and the Indigo Literary Hour? « 

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  1. As we say: « Vlan dans les dents »…

    Nice article, but the short sighted definition of convergence is a real shame. The journalist derides it but does not correct it.

    You could have started your quotea few lines earlier:  » Péladeau compares himself favourably with archrival Radio-Canada as a nurturer of Quebec talent, which would include the 24-year-old New Brunswick lobster fisherman who bagged a recording contract in the first Star Academie contest.

    Certainly Péladeau has explored new frontiers of compromised editorial content, blurring if not erasing the line between programming and advertising with the copious product placements for Star Academie sponsors Maybelline and Toyota, and the relentless hyping of the show in Quebecor’s magazines and tabloids, where Iraq was bumped from the front page by breathless reports on a contestant’s panic attacks. »

  2. This said, there is another consideration to this whole matter. As we see public funding of television greatly reduced by the recent cuts to the tax credits and the Canadian Television Fund, this trend of sponsorship will certainly increase.

    And with the money from the sponsor comes certain request regarding the show. All in all, it should be beneficial for everyone involved. The broadcaster gets a good show at a good price and the sponsor gets visibility. In return, the broadcaster may invest more in other original shows such as documentaries and dramatics.

    I would also like to point out that other TV shows (« le Défi karaoke le Lait »), sports events (Player’s Grand Prix), buildings (Bell Center, Corel Center), and even cultural events (Ford, Du Maurier Jazz Festival) have had their name « polluted » with a sponsor for a long time. I do not see a columnist complaining about that… Why should television be any different ?

    Could it be this columnist is jealous of the Quebecor Media empire ?

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